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Methods Of Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Instagram Use Instagram is an app used on mobile devices launched by Kevin Systrom a college student. Launched on the October 6 2010, it is a site for freely sharing images. Three months after the launch of Instagram, it had over one million users. It allows a person to download images, process them through a digital filter and share with people they are connected to in the platform. It has been widely successful from the launching of it. The social media platform has become popular among many smartphone users. This growth of Instagram and its popularity has been exploited by business people to conduct their businesses. There are methods to improve the effectiveness of Instagram use. Hashtags greatly determine the way people interact. There has been a better user experience with the introduction of hashtags. The hashtags are important for the people doing business since, it becomes easy to find their products in the search bar. A user stands to gain through the hashtags as their can cause a subject or product to go viral. It is easy for a customer trying to get a product to find it with the use of a hashtag. Photos and videos are powerful in communicating a message. Since Instagram is all about photos, it`s not advisable to take just random photos. To increase brand awareness and boost sales, post pictures of your product on a constant basis. The image captured should be attractive to the viewers and should focus on capturing the key specifications of the product and its functions. Videos should apply the same principle. This can be with your employees doing a task or live product reviews. Images and videos have the potential of creating a buzz as many people prefer them to written messages. The reason for this is that they tend to last longer in the memory.
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You should create a contest for your followers. People like receiving free items and getting discounts on products. It is a wise scheme to pit your followers for a competition. There is no loser in having a contest for the business person. Customers benefit from a free product while the owner gets increased brand recognition. You can do a contest that promotes your product like asking for customers to post images with them. Rewarding the best image captured would be an entertaining way to market the product for you.
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It is important to keep track of your Instagram success. Applications are available to help you do the tracking on the platform. Monitoring is a great way to understand the photo with the highest likes and views and at what time should you be posting to get maximum attention from the followers.