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Metcalf Movers: Moving Tips and Considerations Guide

It is important to always be ready when moving, taking into consideration important factors to avoid painful and costly injuries and damages to your furniture and other belongings. The essential things that need to be considered include the packing and moving household goods safely, minimizing time spend on every moving task, meeting moving time deadlines, minimizing aggravation, and minimizing moving cost. It is best to choose a moving company with insurance both for their movers and for your property. If you have heavy furniture, you need 2 to 3 men to help each other, ensuring that commands are made simple and short to be heard by all movers.

You can save time and effort by keeping all children and pets out of the moving area. Aside from looking for a new residence, transferring bank accounts, changing address, and transferring children’s schools, there are necessary things you have to plan for. When it comes to your moving checklist, it is important to designate a room for sorting and packing, research and schedule technicians, set a date of move, establish a list of helpers and dates they are available for help, set a packing date, set a disposal date, obtain the moving materials, and plan furniture placement. As much as possible, minimize the clutter, carefully pack and wrap the things you want to bring in your new house, and dispose of the things you don’t need any more. The ideal preparation time is two months before the moving date, so you have a realistic deadline to perform all tasks like sorting, disposing, packing, and cleaning. It is important to do all major tasks on your free days such as a full Saturday or Sunday to get all the help you need. Avoid late trips to the store, purchase your cleaning and packing supplies early. You need to confirm the date of moving with the moving company one or two weeks in advance.

For an efficient move, it is important to prepare and organize, and pre-move planning will give you a less stressed moving experience. Note any hazards ahead of time, and advise the movers about any fragile or damaged furniture, broken or weak stairs or loose railings. If you live in a high-rise building, reserve the elevator for your moving date and make sure that there are no other tenants moving on that date. Be prepared with the ladders, garden tools, hoses, and toolboxes to ensure everything is loaded in the moving truck.

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