What Are All-On-Four Dental Implants?

In North Carolina, dental professionals provide extraordinary opportunities for replacing missing teeth. Among the options selected the most are dental implants. The products provide the patient with natural-looking and fully functional teeth. The products won’t present the hindrances of other choices such as dentures. A local dentist provides All-on-four dental implants for patients now.

Why are Dental Implants Used?

Dental implants are used due to the higher benefits they provide. They aren’t like other replacement options. The products are held in place with a root instead of a crown or adhesive. The implants won’t slip and fall out like temporary bridges or dentures. The patient won’t suffer due to sudden and embarrassing moments with these products.

How are Full Dental Implants Installed?

The dental surgeon starts with the installation of four titanium roots. If the surgeon is completing the process all on the same day, the roots are installed first according to their positioning. The roots must line up with the four abutments connected to the implant crowns. The roots are installed through the tooth socket and connected inside the jawbone.

Next, the implant crowns are installed. An all-on-four procedure involves the installation of a plate that is connected to the abutments. The implant crowns are connected on an acrylic plate that is similar to dentures. The abutments are connected to the titanium roots to complete the installation procedure.

What is the Longevity of the Implants?

The longevity of the implants depends on the oral hygiene of the patient. Debris, bacteria, and plaque can wear on the implants. Acidic drinks and foods can damage them just like the substances damage natural teeth. If the patient follows all proper care instructions, the implants could last throughout their entire lives. However, some maintenance and repairs are necessary if an accident occurs and the mouth is injured.

In North Carolina, dental professionals provide proven replacement options for patients. Dental implants are a popular choice for patients. They provide natural-looking teeth without the hindrances associated with bridges and dentures. Select dental professionals install the dental implants all in one day. Patients who want to learn about these procedures contact their preferred dental professional now.