The Beginner’s Guide to Flowers


Foral displays could be created in varied sizes and shapes and this is an art known as floristy. However, in order to begin, it may be important to first purchase the supplies from a florist. Therefore some of the most common floral supplies are discussed in this article together with their benefits.

A number of florist’s tools exists to make work easier for you when creating displays and arrangements. Secateurs are used to cut thicker flower stems, while floral scissors can be used to trim flowers or cut thinner stems. A wire cutter is mainly used to cut the stems of artificial flower stems. Small magnets are useful for when creating corsages.

The flowers are held in shape by a florists foam. The florist foam come in handy when it comes to creating wreaths, floral displays and bouquets. Floral foam is available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, the most common being in a brick shape, which is used create table displays. There are other complicated displays available such as cross shapes, letter shapes among others. it is also possible to cut an oasis to any size and shape that you may desire.
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A must have for any florist should be a water vials. Water viles help in keeping the flower lives prolonged for long as they keep them hydrated. Water vials are available in a huge range of sizes. An individual flower can be inserted in a vile to keep it hydrated and in shape.
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Wire and Tape:Wire and tape is used to keep certain types of floral arrangements in place. Sometimses, a florist may want an artificial flower look natural and this may be possible by using a floral tape. Floral wire is usually aluminium or copper coated, and it comes in a variety of different colors. Cellotape is used to seal together a bouquet wrapper. A ribbon may however be used over a celltape to make a more attractive finished.

When it comes to selling the finished products, display stands are very important. Display stands may be used in market stalls as well as in craft fairs. Most displays are floor mounted, and they are designed to hold a number of different arrangements. The good thing is that most of this displays are floor mounted and hence making it possible to hold variety of arrangements at ones. The best kind of stands are the spinning stands as they shall allow your customers to view variety of floral arrangements just by spinning.

A large florist shop is possible to furnish you with all the supplies. Retailers may also be searched online The simplest way to find a retailer may be by typing the word florist supplies in your search engine.