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Tips Of Treating Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that is common and makes someone to sweat excessively in excess of the one required in body temperature regulation. These condition deteriorates the quality of life primarily and physically from a social perspective, psychological and also emotional. The condition is usually generalized or localized to specific body parts, for example, armpits, feet, and facial areas being the most active parts because perspiration takes place here because of many sweat glands available. When localized for example the face then the hyperhidrosis is called focal or primary hyperhidrosis while when in it involves the whole body it is called secondary hyperhidrosis. Focal or primary hyperhidrosis is divided further into palmoplantar hyperhidrosis and gustatory hyperhidrosis, the palmoplantar one is where someone sweats the hands and feet only while the gustatory one is when someone sweats oh his or chest or face immediately after eating.

Heavy sweating is a real and embarrassing problem, but here you will get some of the most effective tips and ways of treating this condition. You can use antiperspirants that many people are already using, they are easier to use and contains aluminum salts that you can roll on your skin forming a plug that helps in blocking perspiration occurring. You can buy them over the counter at any of your local drug store or supermarket, the ones you get over the counter are less irritating compared to the ones prescribed, but if you find them not working then it is important to seek help form a doctor. Apart from just applying the in your underarms, you can apply them in your feet and hands, they also come with deodorant that will control the odor of your sweat.

When the antiperspirant is not working then you can try surgery which is usually advertised by many surgeons out there. Surgery is usually recommended for those people that haven’t responded to other treatments, during these procedure the doctor may scrape, suction out or cut out the sweat glands.

When at home you can try some tips to control heavy sweating like avoiding to wear heavy clothes but instead wear the light ones or clothes made of silk or cotton. Walking with an extra shirt is important when going for an exercise with your friends or loved one and you have this problem, also wear socks like the ones made of merino wool because they are the best and they will absorb moisture form the legs. Bath or shower every day and this will keep fresh and reduce excess sweating, also ensure you use antibacterial soap because they control growth of bacteria that can inhabit your sweaty skin and end causing bad smells, after this dry yourself completely and also before applying the antiperspirant.

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