My Body Reacts Much Better Now

I used to have a really bad time of it when my period would come. Unfortunately, there was not much that could be done about it, other than use a heating pad when the cramps were too bad and just stay inside and lay down when the PMS symptoms would start. I did that for several years, but that all changed as soon as I discovered Vitex pills. I actually learned about them accidentally, as I had been looking online for information regarding something completely different. I saw an advertisement for the Vitex supplements though, and I knew I wanted to find out more when I saw that it claims to relieve menstrual cycle problems for some women.

I did not get too hopeful because I had severe issues, and I figured that this was more for someone who just had mild issues. I read the comments and reviews though, and I did start to get more hopeful then. I did read where women who try it must be patient to get the full effects, and I had no problem doing that. I was either going to suffer without taking them, or I could suffer a bit longer but have hope that they would change how my menstrual cycle presented itself each month.

I read where some women had to wait up to three cycles before a noticeable difference could be established, but it did not take that long for me. I don’t know if it is because my symptoms were more severe or if that had nothing to do with it, but I can say that it definitely worked for me within that first month of taking it. I take the Vitex pills on a regular basis now, and I could not be happier with how my body reacts every month when I have my cycle now.