How to improve your indoor exercise bike experience

Exercising with exercise bike is a very popular form of workout. Specially it is very much accepted among the jobholder persons since exercising with exercise bike does not require much space and it does all. It is a well furbished form workout that helps you to build every type of improvement of your whole-body need.

Exercise biking itself is very much fun. Who does not want a better solution like a spin bike. However, sometimes you might get bored of following the same workout routine and the same spin bike you use at the corner of your house. You will not buy another spin bike just because you are bored of your old but fully functional exercise bike. But you can change the experience and start hitting the pedal with passion. Here’s how you can change your ride experience.

Follow the following tweaks of your exercise biking environment if you want to improve your exercise biking experience.

Be a part of a virtual ride

A virtual ride can be a very good place to start exercise biking. A virtual riding means being an active participant of any riding video virtually. Try to get your hand on some quality riding video clips, put it on the screen and place that in front of yourself and your spin exercise bike. Imagine yourself riding through your favorite valley or other places according the video as you ride along. Pedal harder and think you are climbing up some short hills. Since the main reason of taking this virtual ride is to get out of boredom, you should mix up the videos. Manage more than two or three riding videos and swap between them.

Or watch your favorite TV show

Not a fan of virtual riding? Then do not bother. The main goal is to set you back right on track. Just put on your favorite TV show. Friends, GOT, House of card anything that you like. Favorite TV programs help the mind to divert its focus out of boredom to excitement. In the meantime, you are already riding your spin bike, win win for everybody. Set your exercise biking routine according to the time of your favorite TV shows. Additionally, it makes your unhealthy TV time when you would just sit quite a time without doing anything permissible. Convert this TV time into a productive one.

Refurbish the surrounding

You should entirely change the room environment and furniture allocation if you are bored riding your exercise bike. Stop a bit, think an image inside your head of how you would like the atmosphere. Then try changing like that. Try anything that will boost the inner you. Try something that will resurge the motivation of exercising.

Changing the wall paint

You can change the wall paint if you want. Try to paint with an exciting color. Say orange, or pink or baby blue. Trust me, you really do not want to set your exercise bike in room painted white or cream or black color. These are some really gloomy color and it will suck up your energy, enervate the inside of you.

Go outside

Not a TV fan. Just hold your spin bike and move it using the transportation wheel and go outside. Talk to your neighbors or a friend or just enjoy the view while riding. You will not even remember for how long you are working out.

Challenge a friend

You can challenge a friend. You can go live or make a feed of your riding and challenge your friends with a fitness app to come ahead and beat you. Knock your social media friends and show them you have got some serious guts, ask them whether they have it or not.

As said before, riding exercise bike is fun. And there are a lot of other ways to enhance the fun and take it to a whole new era. Just be focused, you will remain fit, happily ever after.