Everything You Should Know About Ecstasy And Fake Urine Kit

Ecstasy is standardly used party drug that features MDMA as a chemical that you can find inside. It features psychoactive effects, and if someone wants to detect it in your system, it has to conduct a drug test. That is why we want to ask how long does it stay in our system?

The simplest way to pass a drug test, if you do not know whether you’ll pass it naturally, is by finding best fake urine, so that you can replace your urine with the synthetic one.

The most common way of consuming ecstasy is through pill.. Most of them  have some character imprinted on them, such as a symbol or smiley face or any other type. Some types of it come in liquid form as well.

The principal place for using it is on parties, which is why it has another name: a party drug. Users will take it in various social occasions such as music festival, dance club or a rave. The environment that will attract ecstasy users will pose a severe risk.

Most individuals use it because it features stimulant effects and they can stay up for long periods and dance after taking the drug. If you choose this particular drug at a nightclub or party, it can cause severe health issues.

The usage of this drug will rise a body temperature, which means that it will pose a significant risk for high body temperature as well as dehydration. Click here to see how to fight dehydration when you are on ecstasy.

Ecstasy Addiction and Abuse

Severe ecstasy abuse can cause severe health issues and risks. The idea of taking this particular drug is to seek the positive effect that you will get from it. The first feelings are lowered inhibition, euphoria, decreased fatigue, relaxation, increased confidence, and energy.

When you start using ecstasy for a long time, you can quickly develop both withdrawal symptoms and tolerance. You will have to take more pills to gain the similar effect which can lead to intoxication and even death.

If you suffer ecstasy addiction, you will engage in risky behavior and suffer from permanent and extensive brain damage. Check this website: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/mdma-ecstasy-abuse/what-are-mdmas-effects-on-brain so that you can see the effects ecstasy has on your brain.

How Long Does Ecstasy Stay in Urine?

Since the only way to detect the presence of a legal and illegal substance in your system is drug testing, we have to return to the question from the very beginning. How long does ecstasy will stay in our system?

You should have in mind that different drug tests will have the ability to detect different drugs and different detection frames. The most common drug test for analyzing ecstasy in your system is urinalysis.

Numerous variations could interfere with the outcome of the drug test such as how much of drug you consumed and the metabolism rate you have. On average, you will be able to cleanse ecstasy from urine for two to five days after usage.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are also a common type of drug analysis, but it is invasive, which is the reason why most employers neglect it. On average, ecstasy can remain in your blood for 24 hours after consumption. Urinalysis can detect ecstasy usage beyond 24 hours, and if someone is abusing it on a regular basis, the best solution for testing is hair follicle drug test.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair drug test is one of the most accurate methods of drug testing. It will allow the tester to detect the previous usage much more accurately than blood, urine, and saliva. Unfortunately, hair follicle drug testing is expensive, and that is the main reason why people avoid its use.

You can detect ecstasy through a hair follicle drug test up to three months after the last consumption, which means that it is reliable.

Factors That Will Interfere With Drug Testing

  • User’s Height And Weight – The size of the user can quickly determine the amount of time the drug will stay in their system.
  • Amount Of Drug Used – If you took high doses, you would need more time to cleanse yourself when compared with occasional use.
  • Metabolism Rate – If you have a fast metabolism, you will need less time to pass the drug through your system.