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Essentials for App Testing

Almost every computer device runs of some application. Before these apps are released for the market, they have to undergo a lot of testing to ensure that they are performing as intended. App testing involves a comprehensive investigation of applications to ensure that they are performing as they should. Here are some basic guidelines or principles used for app testing.

The first and most basic principle of app testing is to always review functionality of the application. For any app to pass the functionality test, it must be able to perform the tasks it was created to perform. Consequently, if an application was created to buy movie tickets, the first step is to ensure that it can do that without failing. It would also be wise for the app tester to anticipate a scenario in which the application is likely to fail and try them out.

Not all applications that offer the intended functionality give the best user experience. App testing, therefore, has to rate the usability to allow the developers understand how they can change that to meet the user’s needs. Some applications are fast and intuitive while others are blatantly slow which makes users very frustrated. The the developer needs to understand that navigation can also be problematic due to a confusing interface that affects users experience. These issues could affect the performance of the application because no one wants to download or continue using an application that is not working properly.

When testing an application, patience is very important. This is because one needs to run the app many times so that they can determine how the app works under different scenarios. Your patience in app testing also helps you avoid missing various functionality problems or issues that may be a little bit subtle. Sometimes, bugs may confuse with features. It is also very easy to misjudge your familiarity with the application and thus making you miss some obvious problems with the application. The general rule is to assume the application is broken until it is completely fixed. So diligence should be applied when looking at apps to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

If you want to complete a task today, there many ways around it. It is no different with app testing which utilizes various tools and applications. The recommended way of testing your app is by using beta-testers from various channels. Testers from different channels offer various perspectives that allow the developers to understand different needs of the market. There are also automated tools for app testing. It however, goes without saying that automated testers cannot test usability as good as humans can. That said, a blend of both human input and software input in the functionality and usability of an app is needed. You only have to make due diligence to see to it that your application has few or no problems going to market.

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