Have Good Walking Shoes

Whether you are walking the dog, the stroller or yourself you have better have a good walking shoe on. You spend some much time making sure that every else is taken care of that you can not forget about taking care of yourself. Besides enjoying the fresh air, walking has a lot of health benefits such as: helping you to lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety, burn calories, control cholesterol and blood sugar and so much more. However, all those benefits could be tossed out the window if you don’t have the right walking shoe. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine you can use your running shoes for walking shoes. Your foot needs to be kept stable as you walk as well as have plenty of cushion and support. If you do own a pair of walking shoes all ready than it might be time to take …

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How to improve your indoor exercise bike experience

Exercising with exercise bike is a very popular form of workout. Specially it is very much accepted among the jobholder persons since exercising with exercise bike does not require much space and it does all. It is a well furbished form workout that helps you to build every type of improvement of your whole-body need.

Exercise biking itself is very much fun. Who does not want a better solution like a spin bike. However, sometimes you might get bored of following the same workout routine and the same spin bike you use at the corner of your house. You will not buy another spin bike just because you are bored of your old but fully functional exercise bike. But you can change the experience and start hitting the pedal with passion. Here’s how you can change your ride experience.

Follow the following tweaks of your exercise biking environment if you …

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ – BrainZyme Cognitive Enhancers (ORIGINAL formula)

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ – BrainZyme Cognitive Enhancers (ORIGINAL formula)

Q : What is BrainZyme?

A : BrainZyme (TM)  is a food supplement cognitive enhancer with natural  matcha, guarana & 7 vitamins/minerals. It is scientifically proven to support :

  • Mental performance, concentration, cognition & reduction of tiredness.
  • It is a kind of “smart pill” that can help you “get smart, get more done!”


Q : What does it say on the BrainZyme box?

A : BrainZyme is a food supplement cognitive enhancer with natural matcha, guarana and 7 vitamins/minerals.

  • We’ve taken all the stress out of the times you need to focus/ study, with our clever ‘BrainZyme cognitive enhancer‘ capsules, “natural smart pills” made in the UK
  • They are scientifically proven to support: mental performance, concentration, cognition & reduction of tiredness, and will help you “Be as smart as you can be”.
  • What’s more, they are natural
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