Long Distance Caregiving: Understanding the Needs

It’s easy for many people to realize when their loved one is slipping in their personal care in terms of personal hygiene, appearance, home organization, and more. For a long-distance caregiver, these little things suggest a need for help and are hard to detect.

Often, a visit can seem emotionally charged, and the caregiver focuses on spending quality time with your loved one. Besides, the time allocated for these visits is limited. It is, therefore, important for the long-distance caregiver to be practical and offer the right care while visiting. Here is how to make most of the visits and offer the desired level of personal health care even when you are away.

Make every visit count

When visiting a loved one, caregivers should come prepared to take care of all standard tasks and clear all outstanding bills. They should also set aside time to meet the patient’s healthcare providers …

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